NBC's Coverage of Men's Gymnastics Team final was BOGUS!!

NBC's Coverage of Men's Gymnastics Team final was BOGUS!!

Post by Kwan Y M » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 14:02:59

What's this? America's Funniest Men Gymnast Video?! I just finished watching
NBC July 29th Olympic coverage (or lack of) of the Men's Gymnastics team final.
They showed one United Team gymnast, and then a whole bunch of bloopers and
mishaps from US gymnasts. While seeing American gymnasts slip and fall from
Prommel horse or high bar was amusing at times, I was wondering, WHERE THE HELL
Gone. Disappeared. Vaporized. Denied.

It is perfectly acceptable to show more American athletes no matter how much
they sucked, after all, this is the US, but NOT totally ignoring the others,
especially when they are top 3 finishers!

First of all, NBC showed nothing from China and Japan. Secondly, only one
Russian gymnast was shown. Thirdly, today's segment on Men's Gymnastics was
way too SHORT!! Just because US team was expected to win the bronze but ended
up finishing sixth doesn't mean that the whole thing had to be cut down in
half or more. NBC was probably kicking themselves for scheduling Men's
Gymnastics in today's program. It is against their principle to show an event
where Americans did not medal, you know. They probably said, "Well, since it's
already in the schedule, let's cut it up, put some crazy, irrelevant rock music
in the background, make it more like a music video and get it over with."
Which brings me to my final point. What's this music business?!! Why didn't
they show it as is, like what they did for Women's gymnastics? We are not here
to see some music videos! This is probably NBC's way of getting back at those
audiences too cheap to order Triplecast. "See, if you have ordered the Olympics
triplecast like I told you to, you would have seen this in its entirety!"
Sorry NBC, we have strayed. We should have ordered triplecast.

Was it CBS who showed the 88 Olympics? I think the air time given to gymnasts
was more evenly distributed among the top finishers then, wasn't it?

                                                        -- KM the Terrified


NBC's Coverage of Men's Gymnastics Team final was BOGUS!!

Post by Sreehari Nimma » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 23:21:48

: What's this? America's Funniest Men Gymnast Video?!i
   ( lots of stuff deleted)
I don't know whether you will agree or not, but this piece of telecast
has generated good laughter. Had the same situation happend to
another country, this video would have been a big hit in America.
Enjoy things when they are funny.


:                                                       -- KM the Terrified


NBC's Coverage of Men's Gymnastics Team final was BOGUS!!

Post by Jason W Solins » Sat, 01 Aug 1992 04:38:50

I don't know why your all complaining about NBC's coverage. They show
what the masses (who happen to be asses) want to see. They don't care
about the other athletes, and they know the the people who do care (us)
are locked into watching what they want to show by the NBC monopoly on
coverage. In other words, NBC is only doing what is in its own best
interests. Why should we expect it to do otherwise. Lets not forget what
there are well over 200 million people around here with the attention span
of your average mosquito. (Actually, mosquitos have longer attention spans.
They don't give up until they draw *** or get smacked. My apologies
to the mosquito (sp?) anti-defamation league).

Jason W. Solinsky