Wanted: Olympic Tickets (will buy or trade)

Wanted: Olympic Tickets (will buy or trade)

Post by Patrick Rit » Mon, 24 Jan 1994 06:51:48

I am looking for a pair of tickets to the Figure Skating Exhibition
during the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway (on 2/26 at 15:00).
I am currently in possesion of a pair of tickets (A section) to the
Ice Hockey Finals (on 2/27 at 15:15) which I am willing to give up
in order to get Exhibition tickets.

Are you in the reverse situation?  i.e., do you have Exhibition tix
but weren't able to get Hockey Finals tix (which you really wanted)?
If so, then let's make the perfect trade.  I'm willing to negotiate
any reasonable deals, including cash and/or my other event tickets.

If you have Exhibition tickets and there's *any* chance at all that

If you don't, I'd appreciate any information you have that might help
in my quest.

many thanks in advance,
Pat Ritto