Olympic Programs/Tickets:

Olympic Programs/Tickets:

Post by Basil Tomlinso » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Have a number of Olympic programs and ticket stubs available. All priced
in US$ - mailing
to be added.

1998 Nagano: Feb 15; 2 Man Bobsleigh: $10;  Feb 14: 500 Metre
Speedskating Women: $10
Also Feb 11 Women's Hockey - US vs Sweden, Finland vs Japan: $15
Gold Medal men's Hockey Game - Feb 22; Czech Rep vs Russia; $35

1976 Montreal: Event programs: Water Polo: Volleyball: Gymnastics:
Hockey: Basketball: All
$10 each.

The History of The Winter Olympics; 1908-1998; Sponsored by Canadian
Olympic Ass. $10

One on One: Challenge of Champs: June 01,1997, Skydome: Johnson vs
Bailey $10:

1932: Los Angeles Olympics; Track: July 31,1932; $70

1952: Swimming: 1 August: 28 July;  $35 each. Helsinki:

1994 Official Olympic Programme; Lillehammer; $15: Also unused tickets:
Closing ceremony:
Austria vs Russia: Canada vs France; Slovak Republic vs Italy: Germany
vs Russia: France vs
USA:  Offers above $5 entertained for each ticket.

1984 LA: Ticket stubs: Boxing - Jul 29 used: One unused ticket: Offers
above $5;

Reasonable offers close to the listed prices will be entertained.


Basil M Tomlinson