Attn: Temple U. Alumni, Gymnastics Fans, Baseball fans

Attn: Temple U. Alumni, Gymnastics Fans, Baseball fans

Post by Rachele Harle » Thu, 08 Dec 1994 00:46:31

I am posting the following letter for Dubie Bader, tri-captain of the
men's gymnastics team at Temple.  If you would like to discuss the situation

Dear Fans of Gymnastics,

We need your help immediately in a big way.

This week, new athletic director R.C. Johnson announced he was recommending
termination of our men's gymnastics, women's gymnastics and baseball
programs after this season,.  His recommendation was approved by our
Athletics Advisory Council (before which both coaches gave a brief
presentation on the merits of the programs) and has been passed on to
university president Liacouras and the Board of Trustees.  The reasons
given were a need for the space occupied by our program for general student
body programs (recreation) and budgetary.

We, the team members, need your help now to express outrage, dismay and
disbelief at this action and to urge the President and Board of Trustees to
find an alternative to termination of these programs.

Some of the points made at the AAC meeting for the men's team were:

-We have three current All-American Scholar-Athletes on the team
-Our team had the highest GPA of all of Temple's men's teams last year
-The facility and equipment (shared by both teams) is used by other athletes
-Although not requested to raise portions of our budget, we have raised
significant portions of it through donations.
-We have had a man on the past World Championships, Olympic, Pan Am and
World University Games teams.  Our coach, Fred Turoff, has been on the
national coaching staff for the past four years.
-Bill Roth, currently ranked 2nd in the US, was produced by the Temple
program and still trains in the Temple gym.

It is most ironic that in the latest issue of USA GYMNASTICS, the men's
coach is quoted on the "Holiday Spirit" page saying "I'm thankful that
Temple University has continued to support its men's gymnastics program."

Time is of the essence.  Please made your feelings known to President
Liacouras, athletic director R.C. Johnson, board chair Fox and the news
media (TV, newspapers, radio) as soon as possible.  The board meets
December 13.  Addresses and phone numbers are below.

Dubie Bader
Men's Temple Gymnastics team


President Peter Liacouras
Temple University 007-01
Philadelphia, Pa 19122

Richard J. Fox
Chair, Board of Trustees
Temple University 041-06
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Sports Editor Frank Dolson
Sports Reporter Mike Jensen
Philadelphia Inquirer
400 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, Pa 19130

Mike Kern
Sports department
Philadelphia Daily news
400 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Ukee Washington
Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Sports Dept.
4100 City Line Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Sports Dept.
City Ave. & Monument Road
Bala Cynwood, PA 19004

Sports Dept.
330 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106