Australian Olympic Softball Team touring China

Australian Olympic Softball Team touring China

Post by Julie Nemet » Wed, 22 May 1996 04:00:00

Australia is competing in The Chinese International Softball Challenge in
Beijing. Along with Australia there is Japan, China, China (B), Puerto

This is top softball with China (number 2 in the world) and Australia
(number 3 in the world) playing. Both teams are keen to beat USA in
the Olympics who are currently number one.

Australia, recently hosted Chinese Taipei in an invitational in
Melbourne. Australia won the test 5 games to 1.

Some of the results follow.
(Unfortunately even though Australia has qualified in the Olympics the
Australian Media (especially in Victoria) haven't acknowledged their
feats as Australian Rules Football does.)

17th May
Australia d China (B)
   3          2

China d Australia
  2        0

18th May
Australia d Japan
   1          0

19th May
Japan d Australia
  1         0

Australia d Puerto Rico
    8            2

20th May
Australia d China (B)
    6          0

Australia will be through to the final which is to be played Tuesday 21st
 May. Results to follow.

Julie Nemeth