The Olympics need Gre

The Olympics need Gre

Post by Rune Mei » Mon, 17 Oct 1994 01:27:00 :

LC>>closely and it isn't the IOC host city selection committee. Rather, the
  >>athletes' committee is the most important. I've heard from the inside
  >>track that most Athletes find Athens an undesireable site due to
  >>pollution. Now, if this can be cleared up, perhaps there might be at least

LC>And Los Angeles is not polluted? I have been to Athens several times and hav
  >not been affected greatly by the pollution. It is a lot of negative hype

The reason why Greece at present time should not arrange any
international competitions at any size, has nothing to do with
pollution, but the fact that the country has turned from a democracy-
lookalike into a nationalistic practically dictature. The way the
Greek government has treathed the current situation in FRY, including
its lack of will to recognice Macedonia, will soon lead to Greeces
bankrupticy as they will be thrown out of the EU; the only way to
income this historically important still has.

So by any chance - even if all other details should point at Greece as
the host for the OG - the nation cannot afford it.

Rune Meier

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