Post by Bkushn » Wed, 13 Apr 1994 14:54:02

OK, the card you've all been waiting for is here.  I have a
beautiful NANCY KERRIGAN 1993-94 PROMO CARD from Arena
Sports.  Nancy is pictured on the front in a full color
beautiful full card portrait.  In the lower right hand
corner there is a full color photo of Nancy in her skating
splendor. All this set against a background printed on Gold
Prism Foil. Card is also machine autographed in gold. On
the back there is a caption speaking about Nancy's career
and the recent attack by the Tonya Harding camp.  This is a
rare and great looking promo card that is hard to find,
matter of fact it's only been manufactured in the past
week.  I will guarantee your happiness, if it isn't
everything I say, return it for a refund. I have limited
quantities so order now!

Here is the price breakdown. These are special introductory
prices.  As these cards sell through I will have to raise
the price.

1 for $2.00      3 for $5.00     10 or more $1.50 each.
Larger quantities inquire.  Shipping free!  Order Now.

Brian Kushner
P.O. Box 75
Audubon, NJ 08106

Please confirm order my leaving me a message.