**SportSERVE** FirstClass BBS in NYC

**SportSERVE** FirstClass BBS in NYC

Post by William Y. T » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 21:21:21

America's Premiere Sports Online Service!

SportSERVE is an online service providing sports fans
with wide coverage and reference materials to the
exciting world of sports, *** and entertainment.

SportSERVE is an ambitious service that intends on
retaining the casual, hands-on feel of a bulletin board

SportSERVE is unique in that it effectively functions as
three bulletin boards: Sports, *** and Shareware.  It's
all that you'll ever need.

o 300 Usenet newsgroups
o Personal internet email account
o 20,000+ sports images/Quicktime clips and *** files
  available (the largest of any FirstClass-based BBS in
  the world)
o Impact *** areas with daily uploads of Quicktime clips,
  JPEG 24-bit images, conferences and stories
o Highly-skilled, personable and unimposing administrators
o Newswire service?up-to-date sports scores and feature
o Interactive chat facilities
o Many shopping areas including licensed sports apparel, Sega
  games, tickets and CD-ROM products for sale
o 2 gigabytes of shareware, updated daily
o Guaranteed to expand and grow, not a fly-by-night. New features
  like Telnet, FTP and WWW will be implemented early next year,
  promising a remarkable graphical interface to the Internet


Join today! Only $19 a year. Settings file and FirstClass
Macintosh and Windows 4.0 Client Application available online for FREE
You can also use any terminal program, set at N-8-1.