Officials having a rough go

Officials having a rough go

Post by Sam » Fri, 29 Sep 2000 04:00:00

While the Games seem to be good competition (from watching NBC it is
sometimes hard to tell), it seems some of the officials are having a hard

1)  In the Women's Team Epee, an official made a controversial call that
might have cost the US women a medal.

2)  The gymnastics vault fiasco.

3)  American John Capel not being called for a false start in the 200m
finals.  Granted he should have just gone and not assumed anything;  pure
inexperience.  Apparently he knew the rules better than the official, or the
official was relying on technology too much and not watching.  This one was
strange since those blocks are really quite sensitive.

4)  The Estonian decathlete who fouled in the discus.  The referee called it
but was overruled by the judge and upheld by the panel.   The replays were
clear in supporting the referee.

The women's epee might not have made any difference in the medal race,
however the other 3 impacted the medal results in all likelihood (certainly
in the case of the decathlete).

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