Best Performance, Best Show - US Soccer Team!

Best Performance, Best Show - US Soccer Team!

Post by Henri-pierre Aiou » Sat, 03 Aug 1996 04:00:00

There is one shocking thing in women's soccer.........

How louzy the goalies are..........



Best Performance, Best Show - US Soccer Team!

Post by Rad Edelste » Sat, 03 Aug 1996 04:00:00

With no loses and one tie, US's Women Soccer Team continue to dominate
the rest of the world, and they win the first women's olympic gold
medal in this sport.  
For those who love soccer, the short clips that NBC showed must have
been exhilarating!  I'm talking about all highlights showed, including
the great combinations resulting in goals against the US.  There's
something that I can not quite describe in the way women play soccer
and that you don't get in men's games.  The combinations somehow seem
more spectacular and there seems to be a certain finesse in the shots
the women are taking, but I can't quite point to what makes me enjoy
seeing how women play this sports.
Above all, of course, the class of US Women's players is exquisite and
in contrast to the US Men's Team, which over the past few years became
tantalizing, but never progressed to the next level.
Congratulations to the US team, which proved that they know how to
perform and have fun both on and of the field (the interview they had
after the game was great and I loved all their [intelligent and
spirited] comments)!