Host Predictions for Winter Olympics (Was Re: Winter Olympic Venue Ideas)

Host Predictions for Winter Olympics (Was Re: Winter Olympic Venue Ideas)

Post by Coli » Sat, 10 Aug 1996 04:00:00

> I think it would be cool if the Olympics were held in double cities,
> though NEVER crossing country lines.  This would create possibilities such
> as London/Manchester (Summer), Johannesburg/Cape Town (Summer), Vail/Aspen
> (Winter), Squaw Valley/Lake Tahoe (Winter).  Meanwhile, here's who I'd
> give the Winter Olympics to after 2002 Salt Lake City:

I don't think the IOC will higly favor Vail/Aspen just because of
Denver.  I still don't like Squaw Valley and the whole California thing!  
Hey, why don't you also propose that American Football become a Winter
Olympic sport!  I can see the laughs right now!

> 2006-Lahti, Finland

My choice goes to the joint bid of Austria-Slovenia-Italy.

> 2010-Santiago, Chile (hold the events in the Andes in July)

I could agree with you on this one if Sion, Switzerland or Quebec City,
Quebec, or even Ostersund, Sweden.  I'd choose Ostersund for this one!

> 2014-Lillehammer, Norway

Oh I like Lillehammer!  Be weird that Ostersund get it for 2010 and then
all they have to do is hand the games to their neighbor.  I wonder if
there's still a tiny bit of animosity between the 2 cities because of the
1994 games.  But actually, since people are in the mood for first time
countries to hold the games, I chose Christchurch, New Zealand.

> 2018-Lake Tahoe/Squaw Valley, USA

I don't think so!!!!!  I think this time Lillehammer should get the games

> 2022-St. Moritz, Switzerland

This time, they should go back to Asia.  I saw a Chinese and a Korean
city interested.  If not Asia, then Sion, Switzerland.

> 2024-Chamonix, France (special off-year Centinnial Winter Games)

If IOC does decide to celebrate the Centennial of the Winter Games, don't
get too pissed that Chamonix might not get this.  Could be another
Atlanta edge over Athens.  This time, Quebec City over Chamonix.

> 2026-Lake Placid, USA

Actually, I might give these to Anchorage.  You know, they are part of
the USA, and they do have the capabilities to hold winter events!  At
least I'm surprised you didn't say Squaw Valley!

> 2030-Lillehammer, Norway

This one could be pushing it, just to an extent.  It'd all depend on how
they do the 2nd time around.  

> 2034-Killington/Smugglers' Notch/Stowe, USA

Too early for another American city getting these.  I Sapporo, Japan
could consider trying to bid for the games again.  If not, maybe Aosta or
Cortina, Italy.

> 2038-Albertville, France

I'd choose the games to go back to Canada, maybe Edmonton or Winnipeg.

> 2042-Town in the Alps (Which one TBD), Italy
> 2046-Banff/Calgary, Canada
> 2050-Innsbruck, Austria
> 2054-Lillehammer, Norway
> 2058-Vail/Aspen, USA

This is just a little too much to predict.  I know Lillehammer would be a
centimental favorite, especially after 1994, but the idea of holding the
games again depend on their success.  So whenever Lillehammer gets the
games again, IOC and many views and critics would compare it to 1994 more
closely than the city that hosted them before.  I'm still surprised that
you didn't say Squaw Valley on 2058!

Cities that are trying to bid or could bid for future Winter Olympics are:
        Lillehammer, NOR                Ostersund, SWE
        Tampere, FIN                    Turku, FIN
        Lahti, FIN                      Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GER
        Grenoble, FRA                   Albertville, FRA
        Jaca, ESP                       Cortina, ITA
        Aosta, ITA                      Sion, SUI
        St. Moritz, SUI                 Chamonix, FRA
        Innsbruck, AUT                  Sarajevo
        Sofia, BUL                      Almaty, KAZ
        Sapporo, JPN                    Nagoya, JPN
        Nagano, JPN                     Changchun, CHN
        Wellington, NZL                 Christchurch, NZL
        Santiago, CHL                   Edmonton, CAN
        Calgary, CAN                    Anchorage, USA
        Salt Lake City, USA             Lake Placid, USA
        Squaw Valley, USA

This is not a complete list, but what I could figure out.  So there are
many more places that want to hold the games.  So be patient, especially
if Squaw Valley never gets the games for till 2058 or 2062.

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