Leafs Upset by Kings...Again

Leafs Upset by Kings...Again

Post by John McKerch » Sun, 23 May 1993 14:43:47

Another heart breaking game for us Leaf fans to watch as they drop
game 3. What makes it worse is the fact that L.A. is using the same
tactics that Toronto used against Curtis Joseph and the Blues. Only
this time, instead of Toronto bothering Joseph and breaking his
concentration, it's the Kings who have gotten under Doug Gilmour's
skin and put him off his game.

Gilmour seems more intent on running various King's players instead
of digging for the puck and creating scoring opportunities. For
Toronto to win game four, the whole team and especially Gilmour
must regain the focus they exhibited in the earlier rounds of the
playoffs. They certainly do not seem to be skating as hard or
winning as many battles in the corners as they did against St.
Louis or Detroit.

A little more luck around the net wouldn't hurt either...   :)

I still think that they will come back to win game four. L.A. has
not proven they are a better team than the Leafs, the games have
been close and with a break the results could be different.
Hopefully Zezel will be back and Andrychuck(?) will be back and
those two could have made the difference had they played the whole

Now if the refs would just smarten up a bit, it could get
interesting...   :)




Leafs Upset by Kings...Again

Post by Andrew W Korb » Tue, 25 May 1993 00:09:00


>Now if the refs would just smarten up a bit, it could get
>interesting...   :)


Toronto fans better hope the refs do *not* smarten up because Gilmour will
start missing large portions of hockey games.  But, that's what hype will
get you...

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