SENATORS NEWS: The Sens win the pennant! The Sens win the pennant!

SENATORS NEWS: The Sens win the pennant! The Sens win the pennant!

Post by Scott Simps » Fri, 27 Nov 1992 15:10:28

Pardon me whilst I take a deep breath, relax and bask in the glow.

Yes, the streak is over, thank the Lord and pass the ketchup.

The funny thing is that aside from the 3 goals we scored, it wasn't a very
balanced effort by the Senators; they've played much better.  But hey, who's
complaining?  We've won another game.

Mike Peluso had another strong game, scoring 2 of the Senators' goals (he
still leads the team in scoring percentage, and is now tied for the goal
scoring lead with Sylvain Turgeon (both have 7 goals)).  McBain had another
strong game, proving to management that it wasn't a bad move bringing him back
up from New Haven before he even played a game there (the story goes that when
he was sent down last week, when he went to pick up his equipment, there was a
note attached telling him not to bother unpacking and to get the next flight

Anyway, Peluso opened the scoring just :29 seconds into the first (yes, that
sets a team record), set up by McBain.  But, after some pretty shoddy
defensive play, Steph Richer got set up by Statsny and Zelapukin to tie the
game at 1.  Sidorkiewicz looks so out of place out of the net clearing the
puck, he gave it away a few times tonight, and was lucky he didn't have more
scored on him.  The Richer goal was awfully nice, though.  Takes it off his
skate, puts it to his forehand and waits for Sid to go down (which he did
awfully early).

Anyway, in the second period, Peluso gets set up by McBain and Laurie Boschman
at :24 seconds in and it's 2-1 Ottawa.  Both goalies made some nifty saves
to keep it a one-goal game.

In the third period, Jamie Baker scored a garbage goal (set up by Mark Lamb and
Neil Brady) to make it 3-1 and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Senators were outshot 27-20, but made the most of their chances whereas
New Jersey couldn't buy a break all night.  The stars were Peluso, Brad Marsh
and Sidorkiewicz.

Anyway, sorry for the lame summary, but I'm just too e***d to write.  We'll
avoid the longest losing streak and we make up 2 points on the '74 Capitals.
And besides, if you'll recall from my last post, I even predicted we'd win in
the next couple of games (Oh, I'm *sooo* psychic...).

Yeesh.  Well, it's on to the home-and-home with Buffalo over the weekend where
I'm sure we can pick up another point or two.  Really.

Anyway, in other news for the day, Mike Bossy has been approached by Senators'
management to be a "goal scoring consultant" (like you can teach that), but
he hasn't heard back from anyone in a couple of weeks (presumably since Mel
is just getting back from Moscow).  Bossy says he'll stress how to get into
position to score more than how and when to shoot.

And, for sure Alexei Yashin will not be coming over this year, and it's doubtful
he'll even be here next year, but he hopes to.

Anyway, I'm too tired to really write anything tonight.  See you all tomorrow.

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