FOX sucks. NHL front

FOX sucks. NHL front

Post by Jeff Josep » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

 >Watching the championship game without the celebration is like having sex
 >with Kim Bassinger and not coming, like eating pizza without beer.
 Nl> Fortunately

 Nl> Uh, is it the post-game celebration, or *the games themselves* that
 Nl> was the key to the Devils' championship?  The celebration doesn't help
 Nl> you win games. Tell me, would you really rather watch Martin Brodeur
 Nl> celebrating or Martin Brodeur making saves?  I'd say the latter, for
 Nl> me.

        Uh, which would you rather watch - Martin Brodeur celebrating
with his teary-eyed father (who was on the ice because he was a
photographer with a Quebec newspaper) or a "Cops" rerun?

        Look, I'm no fan of the dressing room boozefest either. But,
*the Stanley Cup on-ice celebration so unique and interesting to
watch*. The Cup has a great tradition. It's over 75 years old. It has
inscribed on it the names of every player that played to win it. You
can't say that for the Vince Lombardi trophy, the World Series trophy
or whatever the heck the NBA uses. Do you know what it means for, say,
a Ken Daneyko to hoist over his head a 30-pound award that carries the
names Beliveau, Richard, Howe, Broda, etc? No player in any other
professional North American sport has such an opportunity.

        The idea of carrying around a trophy and proudly lifting it
before 18,000 people is something that these guys truly dedicated
*their lives* to do. It is a mutual benefit. The fans get to see it
without having to put up with champagne and beer being sprayed all
over the place. The players get to celebrate without thousands of fans
mobbing them all over the ice. No other North American sport can do

        Stop the ridiculous analogies. The celebration *is* great to
watch. Is it exciting what they did to reach that moment? Of course.
But it is *just* as exciting to celebrate the moment without the
boozing histrionics. The Stanley Cup provides the longest opportunity
to do that. It was fantastic to watch Jacques Lemaire just stand
frozen for a long time, shooing off on-ice interviews, then quietly
sharing a few words with Larry Robinson before talking to the French

        I suppose in October '93, when an emotionally-overcome Paul
Molitor gradually left the field, you wanted say "Hey Paul, it was
just a good season. Now get lost and be done with it". . .

        If FOX wanted to ignore the locker room stuff, fine - I would
agree with them. But to cut off during the on-ice Cup parade just so
local affiliates could run "Cops" reruns or "Roseanne" reruns (or
whatever) is depriving a lot of American viewers of hockey a chance to
witness something special and definitely unique.

        Get 15 years of televised Stanley Cup finals under your belt.
Then come back and pontificate.

Jeff Joseph


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