Bryan Trottier/Mike Bossy

Bryan Trottier/Mike Bossy

Post by usgr.. » Fri, 23 Dec 1994 05:55:18

Again, let's move this discussion to a proper setting.

Look, folks, Mike Bossy's career would have suffered without Bryan
Trottier feeding him passes, digging the puck out of the corner,
shielding Bossy from Tiger Williams (look at the final minute of the
1982 final), and playing great two-way hockey.  Trottier would never have
piled up the assist numbers made possible by Bossy (although he
had already displayed evidence of his offensive skills prior to Bossy's
arrival).  Bossy had the better shot and more game-breaking
ability; however, Trottier was clearly the superior player in his own
end, along the boards, and when it came to physical play.  Trottier is
also one of the game's all-time leaders (just ask the Penguins in 1991
and 1992).  Look at the NHL career stats and you will be surprised at
how well Trottier fares--including 524 goals (not bad for a

For those of us with memories (and video tapes), all I can say is that
Trottier and Bossy were magnificent players.  I prefer Trottier, but in
no way would I put down Bossy.  And Bossy would be among the first to
laugh at anyone who would put down Trottier.

These guys were a joy to watch, and one of the great 1-2 punches of all time.

The fact remains that each player contributed to the other's
greatness.  Hockey is, after all, a TEAM sport, remember?      

Brooks Simpson