Messmer sings his last, for now

Messmer sings his last, for now

Post by Stan Macasi » Wed, 03 Jun 1992 22:27:57

Before this final discussion on the '92 Stanley Cup comes to some bizarre
close, I'll just repeat a common sentiment that came through from the
SC Chicago-WBBM broadcasting team last night after the game.

The Penguins, their players and organization, are a class group. They did
what they had to do to win. No one, including me, thought that they would
sweep the Blackhawks. They just happened to achieve that through tough
play and a a few good bounces. Games 1, 3, and 4 could've gone either way.
They just happened to bounce the Pens way, and it was no accident.

Last night's game was fun. After one period, Pens 3, Dirk Graham 3. Yet,
this more open game meant that the Hawks defense had to be more alert
to 2-on-1s and 3-on-1s. Eventually, the Pens made the Hawks pay the price
like no other team did all season. Late in the 3rd, the Hawks had their
chance to tie it up. Much like game 3, Tom Barasso came up big. BTW,
Dominik Hasek had a great game last night. Smart move by Czar Keenan to
yank Ed Belfour when it was apparent that Eddie B didn't have it early.

The Hawks have nothing to be ashamed of. They left everything out on
the ice with no regrets. As long as they played all out, getting swept
is no big deal. As usual, there's always next year.

New players, two new teams, a new radio home (WLUP-AM 1000), maybe a
new head coach (Darryl Sutter). Maybe next time, when the Cup makes
the grand trip around the Madhouse on Madison, it will be by the home

Until then, have a good summer. See you in September. Congrats to the
City of Champions, the home of 1992's NHL Champs Pittsburgh Penguins.
For the second straight year!

"Here come the Hawks, the fighting Blackhawks!
Take the attack, and we'll back you, Blackhawks!"