Post by Mark Shneyder 432-42 » Mon, 17 May 1993 03:59:52

So,the much anticipated Bruins-Pens conference final matchup can now
take place....on the golf course, that is.

Eventhough, I did predict in this very group during the time of
Rangers' April tailspin that the Isles would be a much more worthy
and tougher opponent for the Pens than any team in the Patrick(I had
to put up with cries/flames from whiny Rangers fans for a whole week),
but I never thought the Pens would be so caught up with their own
greatness and lose their concentration to a hard working bunch of
guys with their best player out of the series. It goes to show you :
never underestimate any team coached by Al Arbour.

With the final exams over at CMU and Pitt and the Pens out in the
second round, I wonder if there'll be any traffic here at all...:-)

-PPV Mark