Why The Leafs Won't Win the Cup

Why The Leafs Won't Win the Cup

Post by JOHNSTON DAR » Sun, 20 Mar 1994 06:11:14

>The Maple Leafs were the net's darlings. They had gone on an
>unbelievable tear and many many posters were already calling them the
>greatest team ever to play the game. 20 or so games before the
>playoffs the absurdity of those comments are there for everyone to

The Leafs are not the GREATEST team to play the Game. But they are one
of the best this year. They play hard and with heart, and that's what
wins them games.

>I had originally argued that the Leafs would not win the cup. I now
>feel vindicated as more and more people realize that the Leafs are
>nothing more than a Burns construct capable of winning games in the
>meaningless regular season by exploiting an EFFECTIVE defensive but
>are incapable of walking away with the cup.
>The reasons are:

>1) Gilmour is a very good player who had a Mark Messier type
>season(i.e. a season where his point totals were totally out of
>context with the rest of his career) and who after that brilliant year
>in which he managed to become vastly overrated will retreat to

"Gilmour is a very good player." How is this bad? Sure, he's not a
Gretzky, but then again, who (other than Whayne) is? I don't see the
problem here.

>2) Potvin statistics are skewed by Burns' system. Roy was brilliant
>every year under Burns but not last year. Why? Well because he was
>facing very few shots. A method developed by Klein and Reif pretty
>much confirms my hypothesis that Roy had the same great season save
>for the number of shots at him.

Well, what is the average for the amount of shot ina game. 30-35?
Potvin has had games where he has had to face that many shots. And
what's so bad about having a good defense which limits the shots on net.
As long as they can keep it up, there isn't a problem is there? And are
you trying to say that Roy is NOT one of the better goalies in the NHL?
Wow! That's a pretty hefty statement. Again, I don't see how you're
point proves anything.

>3) Burns can not win because he refuses to let his players exploit
>their talents, and in the case of the Maple Leafs that might not be an
>issue. His defensive system is of no use if the other team can play as
>disciplined, and in my own humble opinion 5 NHL teams at this point
>can do it. At the beginning of the year only the Leafs were so they
>were winning big.

Well, if you want to believe that the Leafs are not a team based on
talent (which is agreeable, especailly since Burns will also admit it)
then your arguement of Burns' coaching style is useless. You say they
can't win because Burns won't let them exploit their talent, then you go
say that they don't have any. According to you, it doesn't apply. BTW,
Burns' said yesterday that the Leafs MUST pay hard to win, beacause they
can't rely simply on talent alone. they don't have #99's or #66's, so
it's hard work that'll make them win.

>Burns, Gilmour, and Potvin will not bring the cup to Toronto in the
>abscence of a great supporting cast, and the Leafs lack that cast. Roy
>won the cup last year because of great supporting cast. Potvin is no
>Roy and Gilmour is NOT great enough to carry the Leafs.

Well, again, you contradict yourself. You say that Potvin has similar
stats to Roy when Roy played under Burns' style of hockey. Well, I don't
know for sure, but wouldn't that imply that Potvin IS similar to Roy.
BTW, many members of the hockey press would agree that they are
comparable, and have written article on it.
Also, you say that there is no supporting cast? What do you call Clark,
Andreychuck, Boreschevsky, Ellet, Bomber, Mironov? All these guys and
others are respectable players. Clark and Andreychuck were nominated to
the All-star game. Doesn't that say anything to you?

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Why The Leafs Won't Win the Cup

Post by MARIANO J BENINCA » Mon, 21 Mar 1994 05:12:34

It is very obvious that the Toronto Maple Leafs will have to play over their
heads in the playoffs if they are going to win the Cup.  If you look at their
Conference you can see that many teams have to be considered serious contenders.

Detroit : Talent overflow in Detroit, but Burns  and Potvin will  make the
           difference if this showdown ever takes place.  Toronto proved last
            year that they can win in Detroit come playoffs ( it helps when
               the ref forgets his whistle in Game 7 )

St.Louis : Cojo stood on his head last year in  the Chicago series but I hope
            there is a rematch this year because Roenick will take Cojo to school
            and hopefully Belfour plays better this time around.  Toronto can
             play with St.Louis anytime of year, especially if they get a
              second line center before the trade deadline.

Calgary :  This team scares me.  I would like to see Burns vs King, but King
            has too many weapons whereas Burns has to rely on pulling tricks
            out of his hat.  I think that Potvin would have to play the hockey
            of his life for Toronto to beat Calgary this year.  This would
            obviously be a late round match up which means that the team
            that isn't as beat up will probably win.

Vancouver:  I saw the game the other night and the Leafs stunk. It seemed
             Hunter played every other shift.  Even without Nedved they are good
             and whether Janney plays or not is still unknown, but one thing is
              for sure, Leafs have better coaching and better Goaltending, this
             is one series I would love to see, (except for the 10:30pm starts).
             This series would be very entertaining and could go both ways. I
              think the Leafs can get by these guys.

San Jose : Is it possible for the Leafs to take this team lightly if they win
           the Conference?  It seems that all year that the Leafs play better
            against tough competition and ***against soft competition. I wonder
            if San Jose could upset the Leafs in the first round, I doubt it would
             happen since Burns would make sure his boys are ready, and we know
              the game plan.

Chicago :  If anyone sends the Leafs golfing it will be the Hawks.  This team
            is going to terrorize the NHL come playoffs.  I believe that if the
            Leafs dont beat Chicago, Chicage will be going to Disney World, and it
            doesn't matter who makes it from the Eastern Conference either.
         Roenick will have the playoff of his life, you'll see.

Dallas :  Who knows, I think Toronto could beat these guys now ,if the playoffs
           started today.  When they were in Minnesota , Gainey showed that he
           could coach a team to the final, could lightning strike twice ? I
          doubt it.

   Looking at the Conference it is obvious that one could pick the Leafs as a
finalist and not be suffering from the Buffalo syndrom. (Bills, Sabers fans)          
 It all depends on the first round match ups and Toronto fans had better pray
that it isnt Chicago. Last year Toronto played too many games and if they get Chicago first round it will another first round 7 game
series and I have my doubts about this years outcome if we go to the windy city.
 Toronto, with a second line center should be in good shape come playoffs, possibly
a Stanley Cup Champion, without one, they will just be another bridesmaid.