Minnesota-San Jose summary (was Minnesota-Washington Summary)

Minnesota-San Jose summary (was Minnesota-Washington Summary)

Post by J056.. » Wed, 02 Dec 1992 04:06:05

>San Jose                         0 3 0-- 3
>Minnesota                        3 3 4--10

(Gruesome details deleted)

Sigh.  Another typical bad break for the Sharks.  Irbe is playing like a man
possessed and determined to stay away from Kansas City, and he gets injured.
The Sharks have an injury *du jour*, usually affecting the player(s) who is/are
the hottest.  Hackett was hot when he went down with a groin pull, and Hayward
really sucked for a few games after that.  Then, Irbe gets hot and *he* gets
hurt.  And to complete the cycle, Hackett has to come back (but with his
somewhat hot pre-injury goaltending absent) unprepared and he gets shelled.
Thank goodness for the Ottawa Senators!  :-)

If the Lightning had the luck of the Sharks with respect to injuries, Chris
Kontos would be out all year (sigh again)...

But enough of the excuses...it's almost time to see the Pens score 10 goals
against San Jose, as they always do...*ugh*

Tim Irvin
Change the Constitution, recall Bill Clinton, and elect Arturs Irbe for Prez!