Can someone tell me why Quebec won't win the

Can someone tell me why Quebec won't win the

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Ahhh quebec quebec quebec.....

personally they got four lineswhich are quality
<this is why it confused me when they brought up Rene Corbet and Dwane
yes, their defense is weak, but down in Cornwall, the ACES got a quality
defense with one of the best GPA against<shumulstra has a better GPA
than Snow> we had the best power play before we went 0-8 against
binghamton<Hirsh was excellant for Bingo> and the second best at stoping
the power play..... so we got a great future....
anyways. Janne Laukkanen is going to be a very good defen***.. he has
developed to play the North American style of hockey from playing for
cornwall instead of being locked out in the NHL, credit this to Janne
who was not mad about playing in the AHL and not the NHL at first...

Mike ---> Go ACES! <---

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Can someone tell me why Quebec won't win the

Post by David Ro » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 00:47:21

|> In my opinion, Quebec won't win the cup because they don't have a money
|> goalie.  Stephane Fiset is okay, and Thibault is a big up-and-comer, but
|> I don't think they have what it takes (yet) to go all the way in the finals.

Montreal didn't have a money goalie in 1986, either.  Of course, you
don't become a "money goalie" until you prove yourself in the post season.
But Fiset hasn't had that opportunity yet.  Let's give him a shot at
proving himself before we write him off as inadequate.

|> Here's hoping they pull it off -- I love Sakic and Clark -- but unfortunately
|> I think the Quebec GM is content with his goal-tending and won't make any
|> moves in that area.
|> Who could they get for Fiset?  Beezer, Hrudey... ?  They need a guy with
|> experience.  Perhaps they could've gotten Fuhr.

The Nords are still a young team.  They'd be foolish to mortgage their
goaltending future just to win the Cup this year.  If it doesn't happen
this year, there is still a "next year" for Quebec, while there may not
be for older teams like St. Louis or Buffalo, to name a couple.
In the unlikely event that Fiset falters in the playoffs, Pierre Lacroix
may wish to evaluate the situation, but Fiset must be given the chance
to either succeed or fail before Lacroix makes any desperation moves.