Pens News 10/29/91

Pens News 10/29/91

Post by Lori Iannami » Thu, 31 Oct 1991 02:37:36

Both Mario Lemieux and Paul Coffey will be in the lineup tonight when
the Pens face the Washington Capitals at the Civic Arena.  Lemieux has
missed 3 games due to hip pain and back spams, and Coffey left Saturday's
game against Montreal due to a bruised back.  He was cross-checked in
the back on Oct. 12th, and has played with pain ever since.  

Coffey said that since the 12th, his back has been getting worse, finally
tightening up to the point where he could not longer play.  "I still don't
really feel that great but I think I'll play."

Lemieux practiced yesterday, his first in a week.  He said even though it
was only practice, he felt great.  He couldn't wait to play.

Lemieux's hip problem was remedied through a series of "Rolfing" sessions.
Rolfing is a form of massage therapy.  According to his therapist, Cynthia
Stein, the pain was due to a piece of cartilage wedged between his hip
joint and socket.  She wasn't sure how this happened, saying that the
back spasms might have caused it.  But once the problem was diagnosed, it
was remedied in 10 minutes.

Lemieux was thrilled with the results.  "I haven't felt this good in
ages.  I was loose, I could push off hard, there was no stiffness, no pain."

When asked about the treatment, Lemieux said "It was amazing.  I went in there
hurting a lot, she cracked my back and then I felt no pain.  It was terrific.
For a change, there was a way to figure out what was wrong and correct it."

Stein said that the short procedure was not as simple as Lemieux thinks, and
that the problem may recur.  She goes on to say that now that the problem
has been diagnosed, future flareups can be treated.

The practice held yesterday was the first time the entire team has been
able to practice together this season.  Contract holdouts, the Canada Cup,
injuries and arbitration hearings have kept players out a various points in
the season.

With the Pens finally at full strength, Bowman will alter the lines.
So Lemieux will be on a line with Recchi and LW Bob Errey.  Stevens goes with
Ron Francis and Joey Mullen, and Trottier will center a line with Jagr and Phil

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