Players to sue league?

Players to sue league?

Post by Lori Iannami » Fri, 10 Apr 1992 00:53:04

I found this in this morning's Pgh. Post Gazette:

Lost in all the talk about the owners" "final ultimatium" amd the players
rejection of it, was the news that the NHL lost an antitrust suit that was
being tried in federal court in Minneapolis.  The ruling came down yesterday
afternoon.  (Unfortunately, the morning paper didn't print the details of
the case.)

Jim Quinn, a lawyer for the players, says the decision opens the door for
players to challenge any league bylaw that would have been previously been
excluded by an antitrust exemption that the league held.  Quinn said players
could now sue the league over the draft and free agent system.

"I would not have a good night's sleep if I were them(the owners)." Quinn said.

Bill Wilkerson, spokesperson for the NHL, said there was no coincedence the
players' rejection came soon after the ruling.

Said Wilkerson, "The litigation agenda has taken over the bargaining agenda."