The real Lindros deals (was: Arbitrator begins Lindros hearing)

The real Lindros deals (was: Arbitrator begins Lindros hearing)

Post by Gary L Da » Wed, 24 Jun 1992 10:50:42


>    MONTREAL (UPI) -- An arbitrator began hearings Monday to settle
>the tug-of-war over top hockey prospect Eric Lindros that developed
>when the Quebec Nordiques completed deals with both the Philadelphia
>Flyers and New York Rangers.
>    Arbitrator Larry Bertuzzi, a Toronto lawyer, was scheduled to
>begin the hearing at 6 p.m. EDT to clear up the latest black eye on
>the league's image. The hearing is expected to continue Tuesday, with
>Bertuzzi possibly reaching a decision late Tuesday or Wednesday.

And that was the news. (-;  Last night there were different offers
shown on ESPN SportsCenter and CNN Sports Latenight ...

>    The exact players involved in the deals remains unknown. A
>Nordiques source said Philadelphia offered goaltender Ron Hextall,
>forwards Rod Brind'Amour and Mark Recchi and defenseman Steve
>Duchesne, two first-round draft picks and money. Other reports list
>goaltender Dominic Roussel instead of Hextall and Mike Ricci instead
>of Recchi. The money is believed to be at least $15 million.

Both CNN and ESPN reported the money at $20 Million.  Neither Ricci
nor Recchi appeared on either list (three players).

>    The Nordiques' source said the Rangers offered goaltender John
>Vanbiesbrouck, defenseman James Patrick, forwards Tony Amonte, Alexei
>Kovalev, Sergie Nemchinov and Doug Weight, draft choices and less
>money than Philadelphia offered. However, other reports say the
>Rangers have offered $20 million, but fewer players and picks.

Both CNN and ESPN reported the money at $25 Million.  Both also
reported that Kovalev was offered, not Nemchinov; James Patrick
appeared on one list and Tony Amonte on another.  Five players,
not six ... no wonder Paramount's stock went down 1/4 today! (-;

My theory is that the Rangers' went way over the top with their
counter-offer, and the Nordiques figured that they could afford to
generate this controversy despite shaking hands with the Flyers so
they could cash in on Paramount's largesse.  It looks to me like
Paramount is pushing for a winner on the ice, after making Smith
the club President and giving him the green light to get Lindros
at all costs.

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