nhl schedules, nhl.c

nhl schedules, nhl.c

Post by Valerie S. Hamme » Thu, 17 Sep 1992 07:05:37

I have copies of a complete nhl schedule (Tom Wilson's) as well as
schedules for the individual teams (most have been corrected but
some may still contain errors, so be forewarned).  I'll give copies
to whomever asks.

I tried sending the Washington schedule out to whomever it was in
Maine that wanted one, but the mail bounced.  Contact me if you're
still interested, whoever you are.  :-)

nhl.c now notes the games held at the remote locations, like
Sacramento, Hamilton, etc.  Thousands of thanks to Tom Wilson who
provided the fix and to everyone who offered.  Thanks also to Glenn
Chin who keeps finding schedule errors and noting them.  
Keep waiting a little while longer for Glenn to check something out,
though.  :-)  

Have to run, so be patient, please.... Thanks.

Valerie Hammerl                 Underemployed technical writer seeks

SUNY at Buffalo ASCIT Consultant for yet another semester (sigh).