Biggest comeback in history of sports....

Biggest comeback in history of sports....

Post by Mate » Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:00:00


>                    .
>                    .
>                    .
> >       Ted Williams, who left baseball twice for Military duty.
> >       Babe Ruth, who after being dubbed "washed up" came back to dominate
> >       the league.
> >       Carl Lewis in this year's olympics.
> >       Bernard King
> >       Willis Reed, 1973 finals
> >       Gale Sayers

> > For the sake of arguement, if there ever was one, whose
> >>would be the biggest comeback in the hisory of sports....

> >       Bernard King.

> >Judden

No way, the biggest comeback/most courageous (or stupid) effort,
johnny Sattler of the South Sydney Rabbitohs came back for the second half
of the 1972 Rugby League Grand Final (I guess you Yanks won't know
what I'm talking about), after suffering a compound fracture of his jaw.
He was in danger of worsening the injury due to the fact that:
1) Rugby Leasgue players don't wear *** helmets,
2) Players from the opposition regularly stiff-armed opponents
around the *** area.

Biggest comeback in history of sports....

Post by Patrick M. Keho » Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Ben Hogan... his pelvis curshed, leg broken with neck and back injuries
comes back in less than years to begin his domination of golf from
1950-1954... incredible... he had to wrap his legs in *** bandages to
hobble around the course to win the US Open... he is thee
presonification of will in modern sport...