SENATORS NEWS: Sens drop another one to Quebec 7-3

SENATORS NEWS: Sens drop another one to Quebec 7-3

Post by Scott Simps » Fri, 13 Nov 1992 15:10:59

Super-quick summary:  Nords 7 at Sens 3

0-1 : 10:41 OTT Turgeon   (6)   (Baker)
1-1 : ?     QUE Sakic     (15)  (Sundin Ricci)

2-1 :  0:31 QUE Kovalenko (5)   (Duschene Huffman) (PP)
3-1 : 16:23 QUE Sundin    (12)  (unassisted)

3-2 :  0:30 OTT Loewen    (2)   (unassisted)
4-2 :  5:58 QUE Sundin    (13)  (Hough Gusarov)
5-2 :  8:15 QUE Kovalenko (6)   (unassisted)
5-3 :  8:38 OTT Hull      (4)   (Murphy)
6-3 : 14:01 QUE Kovalenko (7)   (Foot)
7-3 : 15:45 QUE Nolan     (9)   (Ricci Rucinsky)

Three stars: QUE Kovalenko
             QUE Sundin
             OTT Loewen

Other quick notes:
  o  Brad Miller was sent down to New Haven yesterday, leaving the team
     with only 6 healthy defencemen (Hammond, Luongo, MacIver, Marsh, Rumble,
     and Shaw)
  o  We actually had the lead for a few minutes.  By my count, that's
     the *fourth* time we've had the lead all year.  Yikes.  Hold me
  o  With the exception of the majority of the second period, the Sens
     actually came to play.  Everyone skated hard tonight.  It was a nice
     game to watch.
  o  The lines remained the same as from Monday's game against Toronto.
  o  The fourth Quebec goal (Sundin from Hough and Gusarov) was easily the
     nicest goal of the evening.  Tic-tac-toe passing.  It was a thing
     of beauty.
  o  Ken Hammond got booted (again).  This time, he seemed to be fighting
     the Quebec bench, Owen Nolan particularly.  From my seats, I couldn't
     see what caused the original scrum, but the next thing you knew, Hammond
     had (I believe) dragged Nolan off the Quebec bench and was swinging wildly.
  o  The power play is looking much better.  There were Sens in front of
     Hextall regularly.  I would expect Bowness has had a chat with the
  o  Brad Shaw had a bad game, but it wasn't *near* as bad as his
     performance against Toronto.  The man is losing all touch in his
     hands.  Pucks are flyin' off his stick (and not when he's shooting,
  o  Only one "wave" and one "Rock and Roll (Part II)".  It's getting
     better every game.
  o  I didn't catch the shot total, but I think I heard 26 to 24 favouring
     Quebec.  11 of the 24 Sens' shots came in the third.
  o  I would expect Madeley will get the start Friday against the
     Lightning in Tampa Bay.
  o  Truthfully, with a few breaks goin' our way, we could have fared much
     better tonight.
  o  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this last time, but Sidorkeiwicz now has
     a moulded custom helmet with a design on it.  It's red with a sort of
     Senators' logo superimposed over the mask.  I (obviously) can;t explain
     it, but it is a far cry nicer than the ol' white helmet and cage.

Anyway, gotta go and do something they actually *pay* me for.

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