Pens news 1/20/92

Pens news 1/20/92

Post by Lori Iannami » Sat, 01 Feb 1992 06:43:35

At the Pens 1:00 press conference today, it was announced that Craig
Patrick has signed a 5 year deal.  It was also announced that Patrick,
in addition to being GM, is now  Vice-President of the hockey club.
This announcement came as a suprise.  

But Howard Baldwin felt Patrick deserved the title/job.  "He has an
extrodinary ability to obtain personnel, through trades and the draft.
He's not only done a great job here, but look at the job he did with
his previous club, the Rangers.   Not to take anything away from Neil
Smith, I'm a big fan of his.  But any success that the Rangers have,
a lot of the credit should go to Craig."

Patrick was thrilled about the whole deal.  "I knew from the minute
I stepped into the Pens locker room back in 1989, that I knew this was
the place I wanted to be.  Pittsburgh...this is the city that I want
to bring more Stanley Cups to."

Nothing was mentioned about pay-per-view.

Mario Lemieux will sit out tonight, and plans not to play for a while.
He said that even though he wants to play, his "back is not 100%.  Every
time I've played like that, my back just ends up feeling worse.  I'm
going to take off a few days and give it a rest.  Then we'll see what happens."

He said the the retirement talk from yesterday was due to frustration.
"I feel that when I'm out, I let my teammates down.  It's just so
frustrating.  There are times I can't even bend over.  How can you play hockey
without bending over?"

Interim coach Scotty Bowman said yesterday that the retirement talk was
a cause of concern to him.  "He has been so positive about everything that
you have to be concerned he is not positive now."

"I have been amazed by how well he has played though, despite his troubles.
He has a very high pain threshold, and he somehow managed to keep his skill
level very high through all this and practicing as little as he has.  That's
very hard to do, especially at this level."

When asked if it would be a good idea for Lemieux to see other doctors,
GM Craig Patrick said "He's got so many doctors now that I don't think
he needs that. (Uh, Craig.  It's not the quantity, but the quality of the
doctors that counts.  If they're all like Chip Burke, I'm suprised Mario
isn't paralyzed.)

Howard Baldwin said regardless of Lemeiux's problems, he is still willing
to renegotiate Lemieux's current contract and willing to offer him a long term

Craig Patrick and Jaromir Jagr will be in Toronto tomorrow to appeal
the 10 game suspension he received for a bumping incident involving
referee Ron Hoggarth.  The Pens are arguing that the bump was accidental,
and Jagr should only receive a 3 game suspension.

Scotty Bowman said he watched a replay of the bump on the video screens
of the Cap Centre. (The incident took play during the Pens 6-4 loss to the
Caps last Sunday.)  Bowman said "It looked like accidental contact to me,
but so far no one has come up with that tape."

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