The Hammer in Tampa

The Hammer in Tampa

Post by Justin Deal (B » Mon, 20 Feb 1995 18:20:18

: Is there a better young defenseman in the league than Tampa Bay's Roman
: Hammerlik? With the Bolts being so inconsistent in this young season, him
: and Petr Klima have been the only standouts this year. Keep an Eye on
: Chris Gratton...............this kid is a player!!!

I agree with your view on Hamrlik.  From what I've seen this season,
it appears that the Lightning made a great decision in choosing him
1st overall in the 1992 draft.  

In at least 5 games this season, he has been named one of the three
stars of the game.  Keep in mind, that as of tonight against Boston,
he has doubled his goal output of last year by scoring his 6th goal
in 15 games.  Not bad for a 3rd year defenseman.

Gratton has had a slow start, but I fully expect to see some
really good things from him in coming years.

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