BLUES NEWS: NHL Draft Selections

BLUES NEWS: NHL Draft Selections

Post by Joseph Charles Ashk » Wed, 30 Jun 1993 22:41:00

  Without a first-round draft pick, the Blues managed to get the equivalent
of one in the second round. The Blues picked Russian Maxim Bets on Saturday
with the 37th pick overall. Bets is a left winger who had been ranked 21st
by The Hockey News and had been expected to be drafted late in the first
round. Bets is 19 and has played for Spokane of the WHL last season.
He had 49 goals and 109 points in 54 games.

The Blues wanted to pick offensive defenseman Jamie Rivers of the Sudbury
Wolves with their first pick, but were surprised to see that Bets was still
available. They managed to pick Rivers in the third round, 63rd overall.

Blues' Draft Selections:

1. (37) Maxim Bets, 19, 6-0, 192-pound, LW, Spokane Chiefs of the WHL.
   A russian projected as a late first-round pick by The Hockey News, Bets
   slipped into the secound round. He's a good skater with deceptive speed.
   He has good puck skills, a good shot, and he's a good passer. In 54 games
   at Spokane, he had 49 goals and 106 points.

2. (63) Jamie Rivers, 18, 6-0, 180-pound, D, Sudbury of the OHL.
   Ranked 41st by The Hockey News, the Blues would have been happy picking
   Rivers in the second round. They were ecstatic to get him in the third.
   An offensive defenseman, he had 12 goals and 55 points at Sudbury. He not
   only can move the puck, but he can play a physical game as well.

3. (89) Jamal Mayers, 18, 6-0, 190, C-RW, Western Michigan of the CCHA.

4. (141) Todd Kelman, 18, 6-1, 190, D, Vernon of the BCJHL.

5. (167) Mike Buzak, 20, 6-3, 183, G, Michigan State of the CCHA.

6. (193) Eric Boguniecki, 18, 5-9, 195, C, Westminster School in Timsbury CT.

7. (219) Mike Grier, 18, 6-2, 225, RW, St. Sebastian's High School, Needham MA.

8. (245) Libor Prochazka, 19, 6-1, 187, D, Poldi Kladno in Czech Republic.

9. (271) Alex Vasilezski, 18, 5-10, 165, RW, Victoria of the WHL.

10. (275) Christer Olsson, 22, 6-1, 190, D, Brynas of the Swedish league.

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BLUES NEWS: NHL Draft Selections

Post by Richard Grimme » Thu, 01 Jul 1993 02:42:35

If Maxim plays to his potential I think the Blues will be very happy
with him.  He played here last year, and his numbers are low because
Visa problems kept him out a month or so.  

He and Bure played on the power play, and they were amazing at times.
Even better than Falloon and Whitney.  Bets made some plays that were
truly amazing, although he's not as consistent as Falloon was.  Same
size and skating style though.  And he's a lot meaner, in the Russian
style.  Get in his face with an elbow, and you're likely to receive
the stick.  

It will be interesting to see just how consistent he can be at the NHL

Richard Grimmett