Stick a pitchfork in 'em, they're DONE!!

Stick a pitchfork in 'em, they're DONE!!

Post by PATRICK EMO » Sat, 14 May 1994 03:54:00

(note: the first paragraph is dripping with sarcasm)

Well, the New Jersey Devils are in the final four by eliminating the Boston
Bruins in six, and it couldn't happen to a better bunch of fans. Whether they
were eloquently expressing their views on r.s.h or the habs newsgroup, (I seem
to recall *** MONTREAL as being well written) or politely applauding during
stoppages in play at the Garden, resisting the urge to litter the ice with
debris, the Bruins fan I have seen have handled themselves with great class.

(we now return you to the real author)

NOT!!! If there is one team I'm happy to see go, it's Boston, the amount of
junk on the net went down 75% after Chorske scored the insurance goal on Jon
Shakey. IMHO, the Bruins DID play well, but the Devils simply played better and
Lemaire and Robinson can coach the pants off of almost anyone. Between MacLean,
Lemieux, Richer and the tandem of Terreri and Brodeur, you couldn't handcuff
the Devils by stopping one guy.

Mind you, the Rangers won't be easy, but stranger things have happened. Devils
in six, since the jinx will cancel out the talent,(remember, this is Mike
(I don't win Cups) Keenan and the 1988 Oilers) and the Rangers haven't been
this far since 1986 (against the Habs). The Devils lost out in the semis in 1988
against the Bruins... ah, poetic justice, thy name is the '94 NHL playoffs.

And *sigh*, I'll miss hearing from the Bruins fans... see ya, wouldn't wanna
be ya!!


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