Why make women's hockey an Olympic sport?

Why make women's hockey an Olympic sport?

Post by Vladimir Svetl » Thu, 12 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Oh, no reason whatsoever, no more than to add vacuuming to curling and make
it an Olympic discipline too... Shit, it seems like they did, only without
the vacuuming. Anyway, no body checking takes out all the struggle and
power, and bulky clothing pretty much nullifies the only appeal female
participation in hockey can bring for the true hockey connoisieur - that is
a Canadian male filled with Molson and memories of loosing his front teeth
in the hometoen high school teams finals. But this facade of an apparent
purposelessness is hiding a sinister plan - through elevation of the
women's hockey to the rank of Olympic sport at par with men's hockey to
create an environment for selection of the best teams of both genders,
which (the best teams) will then be sequestered after the Stanley Cup
finals for excruciating cross- (and in some cases in-) breeding. Pioneered
in US schoold successful practice of mating of *** females with
adolescents will allow reciprocal breeding already in our lifetime. All
this in a regimen of eugenics and phenotype encoding will allow scientists
to create a superrace of hockey players, that can finally surpass the
I'd tell you what organization is behind all this, but out of fear for my
life I only can tell you that much - it's starts with a "c" and ends with
an "a" and has an "i" in the middle, the rest will remain a mistery.


P.S. This is a work of fiction, please do not repost to alt.feminism. I
actually like female hockey, it's my favorite sport after professional
wrestling and Special Olympics curling.

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Why make women's hockey an Olympic sport?

Post by Mike Malec » Mon, 16 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Why Not?

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