Pens-4 Hartford-8

Pens-4 Hartford-8

Post by Lori Iannami » Sun, 01 Mar 1992 01:51:26

The Pens continued their quest to be the first team in NHL history to go
from winning the Stanley Cup to the ba***t in a span of less than a year.
And they're succeeding in their quest, losing to the Whalers 8-4.

Interim coach Scotty Bowman said after the game, "To get this one for sure
with the road trip coming up after one more game.  But I'm not going to
throw mud at our team and ourselves.  That's up to you guys [media.]"

"We deserved to be criticized, I realize that. But not by ourselves."  (HUH????
What kind of bullshit is this?  Oh, God forbid the team and coaches take
a good, hard look at themselves.  They might actually find out what's wrong.
The players will realize that they are a  bunch of overpaid, snot-nosed,
lazy-assed, whiny brats who could care less about winning another game, let
alone another Stanley Cup.  The "winningest coach in hockey" will realize he's
acting more like a caretaker than a coach.  And what's with all the ridiculous
line changes?  They didn't work at the beginning of the season, they didn't
work in the middle or the season and they sure as hell don't work now.  That
completes my editorial comments.:-)  If you want to flame me, send mail instead
of tying up the net.

Hartford scored first, when both teams were 4 aside.  Murray Craven (Zalapski,
Cassels 4:50), put a backhander past the short side of Barrasso.  (Note to
Kevin Stevens: Take the body once in a while.  It can prevent shots from
happening.)  The Pens converted on a power play 1:04 later.  Joey Mullen(Murphy
Lemieux) shot the puck pasr Sidorkiewicz.

But at 18:41, Hartford went ahead for good.  Randy Ladoucer(Hunter, Cassels)
scored his first goal in 55 games.   Of course, it was 35 footer.  

(I think Lemieux should have gotten some credit for this goal.  Considering it
was he who skated into Hartford's end, and instead of shooting left the puck
for no one.  I guess he thought the Invisible Man was following up the play.)

The second period was a joke.  The Pens just skated around in a daze, and
Hartford went unchallenged.  At 7:20 on a 3 man break, Geoff Sanderson(Anderson
Holik) scored on the rebound.  Meanwhile a Pens defenseman (I couldn't say who,
he was wearing a single digit so it  Real heads up defense play.

The fourth Hartford goal game at 15:06 when Bobby Holik(Ladoucer, Sanderson)
put a 55 foot shot from the right boards right past Barrasso's glove hand.

Barrasso said after the game. "To let in that fourth goal was, to me,
inexcusable. (And to a lot of other people to, Tommy.) In nine years of pro
hockey that was the worst goal I ever allowed.  It was just an absolute, utter
lack of concentration, and I was very disgusted." (Tommy, you weren't the
only player exhibiting a lack of concentration.  But you seem to be the only
one who'll admit it.)

Barrasso asked Bowman to remove him after the second period.  Bowman said,
"Tommy felt at the end of the second that maybe a change would be better, maybe
get a spark going.  I felt bad for him because it's easy to point the finger
at one player-it's the easiest thing for anybody to do."  He made the statement
in reference to the catcalls both Barrasso and Wregget recieved from the fans.

So Wregget came in, and faced what had to be one of the worst periods in his
career.  Wregget faced 8 shots and gave up 4 goals.  The first came at 4:53
when James Black (Zalapski, Cullen) tipped in a rebound of Zalapski's slashot.

Zarley got the next goal at 5:05 (Cassels) with a rocket from the right face
off circle.  That shot was flying!

At 7:45 the Pens converted on another power play.  Mullen(I felt bad for him.
He was one of the few players who worked hard and didn't get a damn thing out
of it.)scored his 38th goal of the season and second of the night(Lemieux,

But at 9:29, Hartford scored goal number 7.  Murray Craven(unassited)just
walked right in and scored, putting the shot over Wregget's left arm.

At 10:34 Larry Murphy(Tocchet, Bourque) scored a flukey goal.  The puck hit
either Sidorkowicz's leg pad or blocking glove, and bounced into the net.

Hartford then scored their 8th goal of the night.  Bergevin(Burt, Cullen)
easily converted on a powerplay at 13:17.

The Pens scored again, but it was too little to late.  Jaromir Jagr(Murphy)
beat Sidorkiwicz on the glove side at 15:06.

The Pens outshot the Whalers 33-28.  But that's only because they took so many
shots in the 3rd.  In the second Hartford held them to only 6 shots.  And 4
of them came late in the second.  The Pens were held to only 2 shots for about
the first 15 minutes of the second.

The Pens had 2 goals disallowed because the whistle had blown. One was in the
first, and some fans were saying that if that goal had stood, things might
have been different.  I don't think so.  The Pens were only down by a goal
in the second, and they came out totally flat.  It looked like they could
have cared less that they were even playing.  And the final score proves it.

Shots: Pgh: 11-6-16: 33  Hartford: 11-9-8.

Scratches: Wendell Young, Frank Pietrangelo (I'm sure these guys are loving
this.)Paul Stanton, Peter Taglianetti, Ken Priestlay, Jamie Leach, Grant
Jennings(dislocated finger).

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Pens-4 Hartford-8

Post by peter.r.clark.. » Sun, 01 Mar 1992 04:32:44


> So Wregget came in, and faced what had to be one of the worst periods in his
> career.  Wregget faced 8 shots and gave up 4 goals.  The first came at 4:53
> when James Black (Zalapski, Cullen) tipped in a rebound of Zalapski's slashot.

Earlier this season, Wregget gave up three goals on the first three shots
he faced in the game. Needless to say, he was pulled. It would not surprise
me if the FLYERS said to Pittsburgh "We're only going to make this deal if
we can unload Wregget on you..." I don't think he'll ever be more than a
decent backup.

pete clark jr.


Pens-4 Hartford-8

Post by Ken Warkenty » Sun, 01 Mar 1992 05:41:18

Lori Iannamico writes

>Scratches: Wendell Young, Frank Pietrangelo (I'm sure these guys are loving
>this.)Paul Stanton, Peter Taglianetti, Ken Priestlay, Jamie Leach, Grant
>Jennings(dislocated finger).

I think that this puts paid to the Nedved for Pietrangelo and Taglianetti
rumour.  How on earth can Pat Quinn dream of sending the talented (and,
lately, productive) Nedved for two guys who can't even get ice time
on a struggling hockey team?

Maybe someone should send Lori's informative Penguin reports to our Pat.

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