Pens news 2/27

Pens news 2/27

Post by Lori Iannami » Sat, 29 Feb 1992 00:55:31

GM Craig Patrick finally admitted publicly yesterday that he is trying to
trade back up goalies Wendell Young and Frank Pietrangelo. (That's amazing
news. :-))  But that doesn't mean that he actually will make a trade.

"I don't have anything on the horizon right now." said Patrick at yesterday's
media luncheon.  "We're trying to find a place for our goalies to play.  When
we made the deal, we knew we weren't going to be able to carry four goalies.
But whether something is going to happen or whether it's going to happen soon
... I don't know."

He went on to say that is was possbile no deal would be made by the March 10th
trading deadline.  "There's no guarantee that we're going to make a trade.  I
know it's not the most comfortable situation.  But we're not going to trade
somebody unless it makes sense to us.  Unless it helps."

Frank Pietrangelo was glad to hear Patrick was attempting to trade him. "I
think that whenever I was called upon here I did my job in a more than
satisfactory way.  I feel I did my part to help us get to the Stanley Cup.
Then, all of the sudden, to lose one game all year (He left out the fact that
he had played only 2 games prior to that.  Played one solid game and won,
played one game, got shelled, but won because the Pens shelled their opponents.
3rd game, Frankie got blown out of the water.  In those 3 games, he gave up 20
goals.), and be put on the's humiliating.  I'm just looking for
a new start somewhere else."

Frankie also said he discussed his lack of playing time with interim coach
Scotty Bowman, but to no avail.  

"I talked to Scotty a number of time and I just don't seem to get anywhere
with Scotty.", he said.  "He's never given me a reason.  I was injured in a
game in November and I never got the chance to regain my spot.  Never once
got an opportunity to play again.  It's very unfortunate, but that's the
way Scotty feels.

The first clue that they were going to be trade came when they were left
at home during the Pens recent short road trip.

The second came yesterday, when Young and Pietrangelo did not skate with
the team during practice.  They held their own 2 man work-out prior to the
team practice.

Two other players mentioned in trade rumors, defen*** Paul Stanton and
Peter Taglianetti, were allowed to practice with the team.  They also were
left at home during the road trip.

"I was paired with Coffey most of the time." said Taglianetti.  "He's gone,
so now I'm the odd man out.  I just have to wait and see."

Paul Stanton said "I'm disappointed that I didn't go on the trip, but it's
part of the game and I hust have to deal with it and go on.  You just try
to stay in shape so you're ready when your number's called.

The Pens are carrying 9 defen***.  But due to the possibility of injuries,
Patrick may not deal any of them.


US Olympian Shawn McEachern is expected to join the team tomorrow and to
practice with them.  He will be available to play in the Pens home game against
Buffalo on Saturday.


Howard Baldwin, also in attendence at the media luncheon, announced the
creation of a special scholarship program in honor of the late Bob Johnson.  
The Pens Booster club will also contribute to the annual $2,000 "Bob Johnson
Scholarship", which will go to a Western PA senior who shows academic success
and community involvement, and demonstrates leadership, sportsmanship and
a positive attitude as a member of his hockey team.  (It didn't say "her"
anywhere.  Doesn't Howie realize girls/women play hockey, too?) Students with
a minimum 3.2 grade average who intend to go to college qualify for

Baldwin also annouced a new team award.  The Edward J. DeBartolo award, in
honor of the former owner, will go annually to the player that has done the
most for the team's community relations program.  (That's ironic.  A community
relations award named after a guy who can barely tolerate the public.  Howie,
you have a good sense of humor.)

Baldwin continued to deny reports that the Pens accepted 3 million dollars
from the Kings over the Paul Coffey deal.  "No...absolutely not!" said Baldwin.
It is believed that as part of the deal, the Kings would give the Pens 3 mil
to help cover the salaries of the newly acquired players.

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