Pens/Isles thoughts

Pens/Isles thoughts

Post by Anna Matya » Tue, 18 May 1993 22:35:54

I'm not in the least surprised or shocked that the Islanders took this
series.  In fact, I'm surprised that it took them 7 games to do it.

From my perspective, I think that the Pens had some great individual
performances but as a team lacked the cohesiveness that they had
during the regular season.  There is no one player to blame (for some
reason a lot of people always want to point the finger at one person,
most often the goaltender).

I wanted to play the Caps from the beginning.  I said to people early
on that the Islander goaltending would kill us and it did.  If anyone
deserved to win that 7th game, it was Healy.  (I don't mean to undermind
the rest of the team -- they were great -- but I'm still reeling over
Healy's performance!)

My congratulations to the Islanders and their fans.  I'm with you all
the way in this series now -- but if you meet LA in the finals I think
I'll have to go with the Kings.