SENATORS NEWS: Woof! Sens win again!

SENATORS NEWS: Woof! Sens win again!

Post by Scott Simps » Wed, 10 Feb 1993 14:12:47

Well, the Senators' performance tonight was similar to the Sens players'
performances at the All-Star game this weekend.  If you recall, Brad Marsh
started things off going 0 for 10 in the accuracy shooting, but then Sid
held his own and played well in his part of the skills competition, then
both players played very well in the actual game, even though it didn't matter
much (the in-joke around town is that Marsh outscored Gretzky and Hull put
together by two points).

Well, tonight the Sens looked dreadful early, giving up a 2-goal lead with
just 6:48 gone in the first.  They then rebounded from that, looked very sharp
and scored four unanswered goals to beat Buffalo 4-2 at the Civic Centre.

Randy Wood started things off with his 14th goal for Buffalo at 0:16, assisted
by Dale Hawerchuck and Dave Bodger.  The Sens looked positively shaky for the
first few minutes, and Buffalo dominated.  At 6:32 Khmylev potted his 4th on a
Sidorkiewicz rebound of a Mogilny shot (second assist to Lafontaine), and all
of a sudden it's 2-0 Buffalo.  The Sens continued the slide and played very
poorly the whole first half of the first period and were rather fortunate
only to be down two goals.

However, Mark Freer picked up a power play goal at 15:48 (from Gord Dineen
and Norm MacIver) and it was 2-1 Buffalo.  The shots in the first period were
15-9 Ottawa.  Only some stellar netminding from Grant Fuhr kept the Buffalo
lead alive since in the second half of the period, it was all Ottawa.

There was no scoring in the second, and both teams had some nifty scoring
chances, but both goaltenders (especially Fuhr) were solid.  Oh yeah,
Sidorkiewicz got his second-straight complete game (first time that's happened
in a month, I think).  The shots in the second were 11-10 Buffalo.

In the third, the Senators continued to look very impressive.  Buffalo had
most of their chances in the first half, but no real scoring chances developed.
Andrew McBain scored on a nifty-noodle backhand upstairs on Fuhr for his fourth
(and first in about two months) on a setup by Shaw and Freer at 13:44 to tie
the game at two.  By this time, Buffalo was looking rather disoriented and the
Senators continued to attack (no-- really.  This whole post is *not* a typo...)

At 15:30 of the third, Norm MacIver came in from the point and lofted a nifty
snap-shot up high on Fuhr to get the game-winner.  It was on the power play and
it was set-up by Mark Freer and Gord Dineen.  It was MacIver's 9th of the year.

Ottawa had a couple more chances to salt it away in the third but again Fuhr
was sharp.  Then at 19:00 Doug Smail took a bad Buffalo pass from the Ottawa
blueline, skated in and potted an empty-netter for his fourth of the year.
Laurie Boschman intercepted the Buffalo pass and got the lone assist on Smail's

The shots in the third were 10 for Ottawa (total 35) and 15 for Buffalo (total
35).  The three stars of the game were Freer, Brad Marsh and Grant Fuhr.  Of
course, as is his custom, when Marsh was selected second star he shot out to
centre ice, looped around the faceoff circle and gunned it back to the boards,
much to the delight of the Brad Marsh fan club who sit next to the exit-gates
at the end of the Civic Centre.

Some random thoughts:
  o  I'm slightly bummed 'cuz I didn't get tickets to tonight's game so I
     missed out on Sens' points (first time I haven't been to the Civic Centre
     to see the home team win or tie (of course, I've been there for a pile
     of losses, too, but it's a shame the streak is over).
  o  Gord Dineen continues to look good.  He's presently on the #1 defence
     line with MacIver.  Shaw and Marsh make up the second line now.
  o  There are pigeons in the Civic Centre.  You could see them fly back and
     forth from the southside to the northside when the Oilers were here last
     week, and tonight they actually stopped play to remove some droppings
     a couple of times tonight.
  o  Andrew McBain and Norm MacIver both had strong games (they are both
     regaining their feet and hands after both of them were out of the Sens'
     lineup for long periods of time).
  o  A co-worker here (Sergio Pallizzari, for those scoring at home (and Lord
     knows, shouldn't we *all* be scoring at home?))  But, I digress.  Anyway,
     Sergio tells me that the train horn whistle thing after each Senators
     goal was a gift from someone at Via Rail, and is a real train horn and
     not the digitised synth sample I reported it was last week.  Sorry.
  o  The Sens are now undefeated in four straight at the Civic Centre, have
     gone 3-1-1 in their last five overall and have two straight wins (all of
     these, of course, are season highs).
  o  The Sens now play tomorrow night (Tuesday) in Philadelphia and will hope
     to get that first road win.  Heck, they'll be trying for that first road
  o  With tonight's victory, the Sens are now a scant 3 points shy of the
     dismal 21-point '74-'75 Capitals record.  Woo-hoo!
  o  This streak (decidedly modest by most teams' standards), to me, seems a
     direct result of the formation of a true scoring line (Kudelski-Baker-
     Turgeon) that doesn't have to dump the puck in every time they have the
     puck near the opponent's blueline.  Sometimes they dump-and-chase,
     sometimes they carry it in, sometimes they pass.  These things were not
     happening a couple months ago, and it shows in the way other teams
     defence the Senators.  It's not a one-faceted attack.  This... is a good
  o  Mike Peluso hasn't been his typical *** self lately.  He's not
     playing particularly poorly, but he's not even dishing out hits of late,
     either.  I'm moderately concerned with his intensity in the last month
     or so.  I'm not particularly worried, either.
  o  Rick Bowness should learn fast that a dark brown suit worn with a light
     brown/orange shirt and a dark brown sock tie are recipies for fashion

Anyway, that's all I can think of to report tonight.  See y'all later,

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 guy who drafted him should be dead." -- Cincinnati coach Dennis Derosiers
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