All-time hockey all-star team!DIR

All-time hockey all-star team!DIR

Post by Scott Fulle » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 22:06:18


>>  GET REAL!!!!   I admit, I'm one of those demented few who think that
>>DEFEN*** should stay behind their own bluelines as much as possible...  But,
>>even if I liked offensive ["rushing"] defen***, I would not go with Orr.
>>What did he last?  10 years?  Sure, he could skate and shoot, but as is said of
>>Paul Coffey, he didn't know how to play defense.  Also, in my books, longevity
>>and toughness [IE lack of injuries] count for a lot...  Neither of which Orr

>Bobby could and did play defense.  People like yourself look at his totals
>and suspect that he was another Coffey.  You don't understand and reveal
>yourself to be less than knowledgeable.  And with regards to injury - a
>popular phrase in Orr's day was this: "Bobby Orr is better on one leg than
>any other defenseman on two".

>>  Here's my vote for best defen***: Ray Bourque [if he lasts even 3 more
>>seasons] since he knows how to play defense, and to satisfy those who like such
>>things, he can "rush" with the best of them.  BUT my vote for all-time greatest
>>defenseman goes right to Mark Howe.  Frankly, he must be doing SOMETHING right
>>to last 22 years, and hopefully more, as a defenseman in the NHL.  You rarely
>>hear of him in the news [or here in r.s.h., for that matter], but he's been the
>>backbone of the defense on the teams on which he's played, at least in the last
>>decade or so.  I *really* doubt he's still in the NHL because he's Gordie's
>>son...  [Marty who? :]

>Right.  And Gordie was the best player, too, right?  How about Bill Gadsby?
>Allen Stanley?  These clowns played twice as long as Orr.  Harry Howell?
>Brad ***ing Marsh?  All much better players than Bobby Orr.

>Let me suggest that in the future you check your impulse to post until you
>have something to say.

>cordially, as always,

>Roger Maynard

Gotta agree with a Leaf fan Yick!  Mind you I'm a Canuck fan (Not much better, I know
but at least the leafs are winning)  A popular joke among Bruins is that the
Goaltenders should give half their salary to Bobby because he did have th