Mailing List info and LIGHTNING NEWS: TB Info

Mailing List info and LIGHTNING NEWS: TB Info

Post by tom wils » Fri, 09 Oct 1992 05:14:57

I am maintaining the following mailing lists:

scores: Scores of NHL games are mailed out the same night the games are played.
        These are not box scores. This is mainly for people overseas or those
        who don't have a TV or decent news. I've included the standings in the
        mail this year.

stats: A collection of team stats. This is a weekly distribution that will also
       be posted to the net. Other stats can be obtained by request via e-mail.

                to the net. When games are on TV, I will send comments to the
                list but not to the net (since it isn't news). Unfortunately,
                it looks like some games won't be on TV (see below).

There are many other mailing lists (that other people maintain) listed in the
monthly FAQ.


                                                     /../     \
Tampa Bay Lightning                                 /../       \
P.O. Box 77                                        /../       //\
Tampa, FL 33601                                   |../       //..|
(813) 229-8800                                    |./__     //_..|
                                                  |.../      //..|
Owners: Kokusai Green Co. Ltd., Tokyo Tower       |../_    //....|
  Development Co. Ltd., Nippon Meat Packers Inc.   \../  //...../
President & GM: Phil Esposito                       \/ //....../
Director of Hockey Operations: Tony Esposito        ///___LIGHTNING
Head Coach: Terry Crisp                            //
Assistant Coach: Wayne Cashman                    /
Trainer: Skip Thayer
Equipment Management: Jock Cayer
Assistant Trainer: John Forristall
Strength Coach: Gordon Hurlburt

TV: Sunshine Network (Prime Affiliate), WKCF 18 (Orlando), WTOG 44 (Tampa)
Radio: WTGO-AM 540, WQYK-AM 1010

There is an article in today's paper that an agreement has not been reached
between CableVision of Central Florida and Sunshine Network. So even though
the home opener is sold out, it probably will NOT be on TV in Orlando.