Sergei Makarov (Re: S

Sergei Makarov (Re: S

Post by Barry Pear » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 06:55:24

> |> That may be true, but the fact remains that Makarov is *extremely*
> |> productive for someone his age.  And if he's slowed down much since
> |>  the KLM days, then I shudder to think about how good he *was*

> NU>That may be true, but I thought he and Larionov were only going to play
> NU>2 more years when they came back to the Sharks.  I hope not... they are
> NU>a treat to watch even in the twilight of their careers.

Ahh yes, the amazing Makarov. I remember watching him as a Flame. Some nights
he was simply unbeleivable with his offensive brilliance; other nights he stunk
the rink out so bad, we thought we were back in the Corral with the cows***!.

He was a lot like Kent Nilsson. When he wanted to play he was a marvelous
sight, but if he wasn't "in the mood", he was _SAD_!

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