please help me about my ultrasonic project!please

please help me about my ultrasonic project!please

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California had a law that was
*   supposed to help people get *** for medical reasons. Patric Mayers,
*   with his testimony and personal lobbying, was instrumental in getting the
*   California Legislature to pass the state law allowing *** for medical
*   use. Mayer's life was saved in 1976 when his doctors illegally advised him
*   to use *** for his chemotherapy nausea. He weighed only 93 pounds.
*   However, first as state Attorney General then governor, George Deukmejian
*   deliberately refused to carry out the program passed by California
*   legislators.

So, elected officials first thwarted the law, and then thwarted the citizens'
direct vote on the matter. What a bunch of...

*   "Medical Use of *** To Stay Illegal in Arizona", by Tim Golden
*   The New York Times, 4/17/97
*   Acting together, the Arizona Senate, Legislature and Governor have
*   neutralized a citizens' initiative that would have allowed doctors
*   to prescribe *** to sick or dying patients. It came four days
*   after a Federal judge in San Francisco blocked the Clinton administrations
*   plan to sanction doctors who recommeded *** under the terms of a
*   similar initiative in California.
*   Arizona politicians are allowed to modify the decisions of voters if the
*   law is not approved by the majority of all registered voters, not just
*   the people who actually voted. [What???] No proposition has ever met that
*   criterion.
*   Arizona voters approved proposition 200 last November by a ratio of 2 to 1.

Drug War results:

>   Our prison population has tripled over the last 20 years.
>   As of June 1996, 1.6 million of us were in prisons and jails.
>   Incarceration rates for drug offenses - which are not considered major
>   crim