Is Hartford a Hockey Disaster area?

Is Hartford a Hockey Disaster area?

Post by ADRIAN G. ZELAZ » Sun, 03 May 1992 03:48:00


>> Montreal Canadiens  (tied  3-3)   0   1   0   0   -   1
>> Hartford Whalers                  0   1   0   1   -   2

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>Wow, game 6 against a sporting dy*** in a close series
>and fewer than 9,000 people show up.  What happens if the
>Whalers win?  I think that this would be very unfortunate
>for the NHL.

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The Whalers have been a consistant disappointment for several years now. They
have finished in fourth place for several years in a row only to be bumped out
in the first round by Montreal or Boston. The only reason that they made the
playoffs at all was because Quebec has been so pitiful, but Quebec has managed
to win the season series vs. the Whale quite consistently. Quebec's first road
win of this season came in Hartford (10-4!) after a string of some 38 or so
straight winless games on the road, dating back to last season, when they won
in Hartford (2-1).

Hartford won only 12 home games this season (last in the league), and finished
20th overall, ahead of Quebec and San Jose. They lost the season series
against San Jose, 2-1, going 1-1 at home. San Jose only won 3 or 4 road games
all season.

It's been a downhill slide for Hartford from the beginning of the season.
That's why there's such a low turnout for their games. Hartford is a small
city, even though it's the Capital. I live in Cambridge, MA, but I drove to
Hartford to attended game 6. Both teams really didn't play well. Montreal's 43
shots had few challengers and few rebounds, and John Cullen's lackluster
performance was one of the most pitiful I've EVER seen, but it was nice to see
Hartford win. I like Ivan Corriveau's hustle and feistiness...reminds me of
Dineen <sob>.

Go Whalers