FREE pool, enter by 7:30pm!! takes 2 minutes and you're done!

FREE pool, enter by 7:30pm!! takes 2 minutes and you're done!

Post by BJ Premor » Sat, 19 Apr 1997 04:00:00

FREE NHL Playoff Pool: Enter now on the Web!

Deadline:  7:30pm Friday (Eastern time)

Check out my second annual pool -- completely unofficial, totally FREE,
and ridiculously user-friendly World Wide Web fill-out form pages
dedicated solely to letting you make your predictions about who's going
to take home the Stanley Cup in 1997. See how your picks compare to
everyone else's from across the Web and around the world.  It was very
successful last year, with daily trivia and stats update via e-mail.
Join the fun!

It is browser-friendly (even for text-based browsers, such as Lynx) and
can be filled out easily in just 1 or 2 minutes.  Check it out at

Thanks for looking!

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I realize that I have sent this message out to a large number of
newgroups, and I realize that it is bound to be deemed inappropriate for
some of them.  I apologize in advance for the ignorance, but I tried to
make good guesses as to which groups would be appropriate without
actually checking all of the charters.  I plan on reposting this message
once per day for each of the next few days, so please mail me if you
think it is inappropriate to your group and I will be sure not to repost
it.  Thanks for your understanding.  --BJ

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