Call for Players - World Electronic Hockey League

Call for Players - World Electronic Hockey League

Post by Francois-Dominic Laram » Sun, 26 Apr 1992 11:33:50

This is a preliminary call for players for season #2 of the World Electronic
  Hockey League. The first season will come to an end on April 30th with the
  presentation of the two Finals; there were 42 teams from 5 countries in
  this first season. My goal is to expand to 48 teams; if more people are
  interested, I will allow up to 60.

The WeHL is a simulation of the sport of professional hockey, with less
  ***. Each player is allowed to create 34 fictional players (we do not
  use actual players from any pro leagues) from a "power point" pool, and
  acts as head coach and general manager of his team. Each team plays a
  40-game schedule and also participates in the league Playoffs. The games
  are simulated by a rather extensive software package, written by yours
  truly (which means that good suggestions, and there were many in the
  first season, can be included in the system quite fast, but also that
  there may be a few bugs lurking).

The WeHL is free of charge for now, but this is going to be its last season
  on the net. I am launching a commercial version in the fall (mostly in
  Quebec at first).

If you are interested in joining, send me mail at the following address:

Note that this is a new address; my account at McGill may not live much

I will send the rulebook to anyone who asks it. You will then have until
  May 15th to submit a valid roster; details in the rulebook.

The WeWF: What the World is watching :)

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