minute once more Mhammed AL-Queda's bomb

minute once more Mhammed AL-Queda's bomb

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that even though I believe the Koreshians set the fire.

You'd go mad too after screaming dying rabbits are blasted into your dreams
every night, and in the end were attacked by five hours of toxic tear gas.

You would literally be trapped in hell with the devil pointing guns at you.

Some of the reasons for 30% of the blame:

    o The mandatory documentation of the raid plan was never distributed.

    o The warrant they were to serve was also left behind.

            "We don't need no stinkin' warrants"

    o It is well-documented that David Koresh had left the complex many
      times while under the surveillance of as many as eight A.T.F. agents.

    o The F.B.I. cut off all utilities and sanitation. Government loudspeakers
      blared nonstop with such sounds as jet planes, and the cries of rabbits
      being slaughtered. [I have three loving bunnies who have free roam
      inside my apartment: the Feds are sick puppies. What would the public
      have thought if it were dying cats or dogs?] Tanks fired percussion
      grenades. Stadium lights kept the house illuminated around the clock.

      Helicopters flew overhead. This does not contribute to trust in the
      government negotiators, nor does it help the Koreshians make rational
      decisions. Like walking out unarmed before a Federal army, using tanks
      from the U.S. Defense Dept. [It should still be called the War Dept.]

    o C.S. gas is never supposed to be used inside a building. Used inside,
      it can create fires, and it can produce cyanide, which can immobilize
      and kill.