Salt Lake's final home game, and a call for help

Salt Lake's final home game, and a call for help

Post by Roland L. Behun » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 22:39:03

Hello Hockey fans everywhere,

The Salt Lake Golden Eagles defeted the San Diego Gulls 5-4 in a shoot
out last night to end a 25 years of hockey in Salt Lake City.  Last
nights game was the last home game in franchise history.  14,144
people showed up for the game, giving about 4000 people seats with
blocked views.

An ironic twist of fate - Salt Lake's final home game was a win over
San Diego, just as Salt Lake's first home game 25 years ago was a win
over San Diego.  Both Salt Lake and San Diego were in the old Western
Hockey League 25 years ago.  Both Salt Lake and San Deigo have been
playing in the IHL for the past few years.

Protests, signs and T-shrits saying things like "Boycott Miller the
Eagle Killer", "We love our Eagles even if Miller doesn't" and such
were around and in the Delta Center last night.

The Salt Palace arena has been torn down.  What is needed now is an
arena with good sight lines for hockey in Salt Lake City.  There have
been a few groups of people in the hockey community come into town to
try and bring hockey back into Salt Lake City.  They look at the Delta
Center and say NO!

I guess I need to ask the net world for help.  The state fairgrounds
has plenty of space, and an old coliseum that is rather small.  If we
could get the State of Utah to build an arena with an ice rink at the
state fairgrounds, there is a good chance we could get hockey back in
Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City is bidding for the 2002 Olympics.  Will not having
professional hockey in Salt Lake City prove be be a factor in the
IOC's decission about where to put the 2002 Winter Olympics?

Please write the governor of the State of Utah and ask for a hockey
arena seating 10,000 to 12,000 to be built at the State Fairgrounds.
The address for the Governor of the State of Utah:

        The Honorable Governor Levitt
        210 State Capitol
        Salt Lake City, UT 84114

I do not have a email address for the governor of the State of Utah.

Thank you for your help.
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