SHARKS NEWS: Jack Ferreira speaks

SHARKS NEWS: Jack Ferreira speaks

Post by Nelson » Tue, 30 Jun 1992 08:41:24

Sharks former general manager Jack Ferreira, who was announced by the club to
have resigned Friday, spoke to the media yesterday, and said that he did not
resign; rather, he said that he was fired by president Art Savage.

        Ferreira denied the rumors that he was pressured to resign due to
conflicts with Matt Levine, the executive vice president of business
operations.  Apparently, the two weren't friends, but did not have an active
conflict either.

        Ferreira said that he did not understand why he was fired.  Savage had
said Friday that Ferreira had fallen victim to the club's desire to spread out
responsibility between several individuals.  He also said that Ferreira could
have been part of that scheme if he had wanted to, but Ferreira said that he
was never offered that chance by Savage; rather, he said that he went to a
meeting with Savage on Friday, and was fired moments later.

        Ferreira said that he had learned, before he was dismissed, that the
Canadian national team had offered the coaching position to associate coach
Bob Murdoch.  Murdoch isn't expected to decide on the offer until after the
Sharks management meetings Monday and Tuesday.

        Now I won't say that Levine should be hung; I'll say that Savage and,
if they also approved of it, the Gunds should be hung.  Ferreira will probably
find a job else where, and make the Sharks regret of giving him up.

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