Salt Lake hockey leaving (was Re: Indy @ Salt Lake 1 Apr 94)

Salt Lake hockey leaving (was Re: Indy @ Salt Lake 1 Apr 94)

Post by Deb Tokarewi » Wed, 06 Apr 1994 06:09:56


> >Wednesday 6 April is the last game of the season, and the last game of
> >the history of Salt Lake Golden Eagles hockey (25 years of hockey in
> >Salt Lake City).  Larry Miller is supposed to present a trophy to one
> >of the players. I don't think he has the guts to show up.
> Any move to have Salt Lake City join the Central League for next season?  
> Does the Salt Palace still exist or was it torn down/redeveloped after
> the Delta Center was built?  I don't think Larry would want competition
> for his beloved basketball team.

After this season, the hockey team will not exist, so there's no way for  
it to "join the Central League" or any other league. I think we were  
perfectly happen in the IHL, and would like to stay in that league...but  
at this point, we'd be happy in almost any league if we could just have  
our team :'-(

The Salt Palace still exists, but they've just torn out the center area  
(the Accord Arena, where the Jazz and Eagles used to play) and will be  
replacing that area with more convention space, etc.

The hockey team was never any "competition" for the Jazz, even before  
Miller purchased either team. They've always played staggered schedules in  
the same arena, whether in the Salt Palace or the Delta Center.

I don't want to get into this too much, or I'll lose my cool. But I'll  
just end with two observations:

1. At the end of last season, Miller said something to the effect of "As  
long as Larry Miller's in Utah, the Golden Eagles will be in Utah." (And I  
know Miller isn't planning to personally move to Pontiac, MI ;-). He gave  
no clue, to the public at large, that he was contemplating selling the  
team. To my knowledge, he didn't approach the team's booster club, the  
fans, or the community in general...suddenly one day he has a press  
conference to announce, in his best "this hurts me as much as it hurts  
you" demeanor, that he's sold the team. Happy 25th Anniversary, Salt Lake,  

He did a shoddy job of promoting the team, he overpriced tickets for  
seating that obviously favors basketball viewing, he didn't give the  
community time to get behind/acquainted with the brand new team and  
coaches (after Calgary ended their affiliation and we acquired a  
completely new team affiliated with the Islanders just this season), and  
he never gave those who really care a chance to help find solutions to  
what he supposedly saw as insurmountable problems which "forced" him to  
sell. And that's all one big sell *out* as far as I'm concerned.

2. As the original post mentioned, the signs and banners at the Delta  
Center have been numerous (for the lot of good they'll do, since I don't  
think I've ever seen Miller at a hockey game...and there's no way he's  
gonna show up *now*!). But I think my favorite sign so far is the one that  
taunts: "Miller, remember this...Jazz championships - 0  Eagles  
championships - 5 !!" (And, yes, I'm a bball and Jazz fan, too...)

Wednesday will surely be a sad night...