Pens News 10/18/91

Pens News 10/18/91

Post by Lori Iannami » Sun, 20 Oct 1991 00:13:51

The Pens beat the Islanders last night 8-5.  Bob Errey, of all people, had
the hat trick. Jagr had another nifty goal.  The Pens at one time were leading
the game 4-1, but due to a combination of defensive brakdowns and lackluster
goaltending (Frankie Pietrangelo was in goal)  the Pens fell behind 5-4.
But they rallied in th 3rd to win.  But that wasn't the big story of the

With his 2 assists last night, Paul Coffey became the highest scoring
defenseman in the history of the NHL.  With his first assist, he broke
Denis Potvin's record for assists (742-P).  With his second he broke
Potvin's points record (742).  Coffey needs just one more goal to tie
Potvin's record for goals (310).  It goes without question that Coffey
will break this record, too.

Scotty Bowman said of Coffey "He's the best skater I've ever seen.  I think
he's been maligned more than he deserves. They'll always point out flaws
in a player who has a lot of points and say he's a one-way player.  They
even said that about Bobby Orr."

"But guys like that take charge of the game so many times.  I know what
Paul does for the other players.  There's not much you can add to a record
like that.  All those points.  It's hard to believe."

After the game, Coffey thanked the fans from Pittsburgh.  "Pittsburgh's
best kept secret is it's hockey fans. I can't thank the fans enough.  I
said it before and I'll say it again-I hope to finish my career in Pittsburgh.
I want to put up more points for the black and gold."

After Coffey scored his second assist, something a little out of the
ordinary happened.  Everyone in the building that with his second assit,
Coffey broke Potvin's points record.  So the fans gave Coffey a standing
ovation, and his teammates jumped on to the ice to congratulate him.  And
then, to everyone suprise, out of the Pens runway walks Pens GM Craig Patrick
carrying a plaque and a microphone.  He stands near the blue line, and motions
for Coffey to skate over.  A somewhat stunned Coffey skates over to Patrick.
Partick proceeds to congratulate and thank Coffey for all he has done for the
Pens and for hockey and presents him with the plaque.  Coffey takes the plaque,
thanks Patrick and the crowd, and then gives the plaque back to Patrick.  Play
resumes, and another bit of surreal Pens folklore is born.

Coffey later called the plaque presentation a "incredibly classy thing on
the part of Craig and the Penguins."

Last night, the fans weren't the only people worried about the Pirates
playoff hopes.  Coffey said that the Pens were also watching the
scoreboard. (The Arena was carrying inning by inning scores.) "Our first
concern was our own game, of course.  But we're all Pirate fans." he said.  
"We all want them to do well.  When we saw that they were down 3-0, it
took a little bit out of us."  Ahhh, no wonder the Pens blew the 2 period!:-)
The Pirates went on to lose 4-0.

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