Serious HLS2 league looking for 1 more player

Serious HLS2 league looking for 1 more player

Post by Aaron Pri » Fri, 18 Oct 1996 04:00:00

1 more player wanted:

 So You Want To Join the Orr Hockey League v 1.0

 1. What is it?
 2. Requirements.
 3. How to join.
 4. More information?

1. What is it?

  The OHL is also known as the "Flying" Orr Hockey League based upon
the famous photo of Bobby Orr soaring through the air after winning the
1973 Stanley Cup.
  It is a simulation-based hockey league played over the Internet using
the program HLS2. You do not need to have HLS2 to play it. We use real
players from the 1995-96 season. Their skills are based upon the last
season of play.
  The OHL consists of 18 teams in 3 divisions of six playing 64 games.
  We are slowly filling the league. We're taking our time so as to find
quality players. We will probably begin the draft 1 week after the last
slot has been filled. This will give everyone time to go over the players
available and plan drafting strategies and/or draft day trades.
  I also have access to a majordomo list serv for the league and will use
that time to register owners to the list.

2. Requirements

 To join the league you must match all these criteria:

  1. Have daily access to e-mail and read it consistently
  2. Have a desire to play in a serious league while still having fun
  3. Understand the game of hockey
  4. Be willing to actively participate all season long on an almost
     daily basis
  5. Basic understand of the Internet
  6. WWW and IRC access a plus

 Priority will be given to those who have experience in HLS2 based
leagues. People new to HLS2 will be considered, but only after those with
experience. We want to build a serious league of people willing to put the
time and effort into the game. A league is only as strong as the owners
and commissioner in it.
 Don't join if you are not absolutely sure without a shadow of a doubt
you will have time to participate in and enjoy the league. Because if you
fail, quit or ignore your team, it has a drastic effect on the others.
You can ruin the game for the other 23 hard working owners by not
participating. This is a team effort.
 These games are ***ing, believe me. So be warned before you start!

3. How To Join

 1. E-mail address
 2. Your Name
 3. City
 4. Mascot/Team Name
 5. How many years HLS/HLS2 experience (if any)?
 6. How many years fantasy hockey experience (if any)?
 7. Do you have IRC access?
 8. Do you have WWW access?
 9. Why should we choose you over someone else?

 That's it! I will confirm reception of your e-mail and then you will be
notified when a decision has been made.

4. More information

 For more information visit our home page at . There you will find league rules,
etc. Also feel free to contact me with any questions at


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OHL Boston Scribes