Hartford's got a new GM

Hartford's got a new GM

Post by Chris Lyn » Thu, 28 May 1992 06:42:47

Brian Burke was named GM of the Whalers today, and I was wondering what
his reception in Hartford was like.

Burke was Pat Quinn's left hand man with the Canucks for the last 5 years
and I expect to see some front office shuffling here, (Rick Ley to coach, Quinn to
GM only) as a result of his leaving.

I'll miss Burke because he participated in a week night sports talk show, every
Wednesday all through the year, which dealt with Canucks news. The host
claimed Burke missed only a couple Wed. over his tenure. The show was very
interesting and helped keep the Canucks in the sporting news all year long.

Though sometimes controversial, usually outspoken, I think Burke will give the
Whalers a lot of bang for their buck and will try to make hockey interesting for
Whaler's fans. He strikes me as a hard worker with a fair amount of hockey
gray matter between his ears. I think he'll be missed in Vancouver.