IIRL - White Pointers News - 28/1/98

IIRL - White Pointers News - 28/1/98

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White Pointers news.

Changed my mind - I will keep posting this to the newsgroup :)

Graeme Kirk
White Pointers I.I.R.L.C

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Latest News:

The Sharks won their third match in a row last weekend, defeating
18-14 in front of a disappointing crowd of only 8,875 at Shark Park on
night. Club try-scoring hero Danny Peacock scored a hat-trick of tries to
see the
Sharks home in a mostly lacklustre game.

The Sharks led from the outset and were never headed, despite some scrappy
play from both sides. All in all a match best forgotten, but great to see
the Sharks
maintain their unbeaten home record. Next week the White Pointers head down
the highway to meet the Canberra Chill in what should be a top match.

The main talking point of the weekend was the decision by Sutherland Shire
Council to hire armed security guards with riot gear to police the area
Shark Park. Recent resident complaints about unruly behaviour by Sharks fans
have got the local politicians running around like headless chickens.
hired goon-squads are not the answer to this problem and the ultimate result
Saturday night was the downturn in crowd numbers. Few parents would want
children to go anywhere near what looked like a scene from Northern Ireland
it's worst. This situation must be resolved before the next home game.

In other news..

John Hopoate awoke from his coma this week. Doctors attribute his rapid
to a recording of the radio broadcast of the 1997 Grand Final, which was
constantly to Hopoate in his hospital bed as he lay unconscious. Hopoate
woke on
Friday morning in a screaming fit yelling "O'Davis" repeatedly before being
sedated by hospital staff. "Hoppa" is still unable to eat solids and is
expected to
remain in hospital for at least another week.

As a follow-up to last week's story about team shenanigans in Ireland, the
Pointers management has decided to let the matter rest. An un-named team
official was quoted as saying "So long as they keep winning, we couldn't
give a
f*** what they get up to. So long as they steer clear of that line-dancing
Enough said.

Rumours abound that a rift may be developing between White Pointers
Graeme Kirk, and Concord Enterprises management. "I can't stand that
***y-bopper ***they go on with", said Kirk this week. "How you can manage
a team while playing that Hanson ***to them I'll never know. Footy players
be listening to hard core thrash punk metal, not a bunch of girly
mummy's-boys. I hear that they use Savage Garden as motivational music too.
going on? It's no wonder I can't get that Concord Conquerors WFR side to
perform -
they've all been emasculated by girly music!"

CE officials were unavailable for comment.